Convocation of Poets: A Poetry Workshop

Why Poetry?

Poetry is language of the Heart and Soul, of deep Imagination and lived Wisdom. It also speaks intimately from and to our bodies and delights and engages our minds.

Poetry helps unify us within and connect to all of Life, and reminds us of what is most essential, precious and vibrant in our world. Poetry upholds cherished values that often get neglected or trampled in our contemporary society. Poetry is heart food. Through it, we experience life more deeply, richly, magically.

When we engage the art of poetry we give expression to what is in us that is yearning to be seen, heard, felt, shared. We come to know ourselves and meet others on sacred ground.

“It is difficult to get the news from poems, yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.” – William Carlos Williams

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections, and the truth of Imagination.” – John Keats


What Is a Convocation of Poets?

Creative CommunityPoets need the community of other writers to thrive and grow as artists.

This ongoing poetry workshop will give you an opportunity to make poetry a part of your daily life in a rich, sustained way, while allowing time for your other pursuits and passions.

  • Dive deeply into writing, reading and living poetry.
  • Hone your unique poetic voice and skills. Explore new forms, styles and approaches. Learn aspects of the art and craft of poetry, including tools of revision to make your poems shine.
  • Ignite your inspiration, discovering a wealth of poetic possibilities and expanding your poetic palette.
  • Learn methods to sustain your creative life and reach your creative goals.
  • Be a part of a creative community of other wonderful poets, where you can share your inspirations and challenges, thrive together and form lasting friendships.


Poetry workshop sessions meet alternate Thursdays for 2.5 hours, 3:00 – 5:30 for six months, September – March. Group is limited to 8 participants.

During our sessions, we:

  • Discuss your poems-in-progress. The group’s constructive feedback is carefully structured to encourage you to keep writing, exploring and honing your craft. Sometimes you’ll receive verbal feedback in class; other times you’ll receive written feedback from the other participants. This helps you hone your own internal editor.
  • Delve into aspects of the art and craft of poetry, such as metaphor, line breaks, revision strategies and more. We occasionally use engaging writing exercises in-class and also discuss the work of other poets to broaden our palettes and our understanding of poetry.
  • Explore practical tools to sustain your creative life and realize your writing aspirations.

Inspiring homeplay includes:

  • An optional poem prompt to help you to explore new poetic terrain and write new poems.
  • Practices and exercises to deepen your engagement with the world of poetry and cultivate your own writing life.
  • Reading of a handful of poems between sessions from an anthology of poems. You’ll be asked to purchase this anthology before our first session.
  • Have a poem buddy between sessions that you check in with to give you support to keep writing and an opportunity to develop friendships further.

Plus, a celebratory evening reading to share our finished poems and celebrate our accomplishments.


In a private home in Nevada City, off Ridge Rd.

Dates & Times: Alternate Thursdays* 3:00 – 5:30 pm for 6 months.

Sept 28; Oct 12, 26 ; Nov 9 & 30; Dec 14; Jan 4 & 18; Feb 1 & 15


*Because of holidays it’s not exactly alternate weeks. See dates above.

I occasionally have to change a date as we go, due to life obligations. In that event, dates will be moved to an open Thursday.

A new 6-month session will begin in April.


$390 for 6 months.
May be paid in 3 bi-monthly installments of $145 each. Save $45 if you pay in one installment.

You will also need to purchase a copy of the poetry anthology that we will be reading. Instructions will be given upon registration.

How to be a part of it:

Registration closes Monday, September 25. 

BONUS! Sign up by September 14 and receive a free 20-minute private session with me to discuss your poetry and writing life.

Choose either the single payment “Buy Now” button or the “Installment Plan” and pay with debit card, credit card or PayPal account. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use these options.

Or contact me to pay by check or cash.


Our Agreement: Because of the small class size, this course can only run with full commitment. Once you register, you are making a commitment to the full duration. You are responsible for paying in full, regardless of how often you attend. There is no pro-rating of price for classes that you miss.

1.Pay in 1 installment of $390. BEST DEAL! Click the Buy Now button below.

2. Pay in 3 installments of $145, due every 8 weeks. Click the Installment Plan button below.

3-payment plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
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Every 8 weeks (x 2)$145.00 USD
Total $435.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Maxima’s writing exercises helped me to open up to the rhythm of my own poetic heart, and to reveal it in a nurturing workshop environment. I highly recommend this workshop to all writers!
Our poetry workshop was exactly what I hoped for. It had the encouragement to write for a supportive audience combined with more specific, constructive feedback. I really benefited from a workshop that taught the craft of poetry. I appreciate that your own suggestions for revisions were so candid yet supportive.
The Convocation of Poets group has been a wonderful experience.  Each session, it seems to me, has been a sort of “happening” in that I never know for sure what to expect.  At the same time, the structure of having a set schedule, a format that includes interacting with other poets in the group regularly and an assignment (optional) to share a new poem each time we meet has provided badly need motivation to engage that has been very helpful for me.

You set a tone that I believe must come from your love and dedication of and to poetry that is inspiring. You obviously love what you are doing. You are alive and in the moment and are not offering any sort of “canned” approach.  The tone is one of acceptance and encouragement. At the same time you are honest in your feedback which gives others in the group permission to be honest with their reactions to others’ work (as well as our own).

The experience has enabled me to continue down the path of self acceptance and compassion that is priceless.

I originally signed up because I wanted to improve my writing skills while exploring the recesses and workings of my own (and others) psyche. I see writing poetry as similar to taking a mind-altering substance. New and unexpected vistas open up that renews my interest in life and living.

I have gotten all that I hoped for and more.

My sense is that the experience will continue to grow with or without specific efforts to make it better.  It has a living energy that has emerged from your and the other poets efforts to grow a better world for ourselves and everyone.

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