MaxCircleTransWelcome Home.

My name is Maxima Kahn.
This is the Brilliant Playground I created for you.

Brilliant Playground is a place for big-hearted, creative dreamers to create and connect,
be inspired and empowered, and engage in deep play.

You may be feeling stuck or blocked creatively or finding it a struggle to do what you long to do.
You may desire to make a greater contribution to our world.
You may be finding yourself in a time of transition, wondering about your next steps.
You may be coming up against frustrating patterns that keep you from living the life you imagine.
Or you may simply be ready for more—creativity, wonder, passion, joy, fulfillment, connection.

Through my blog, courses and one-on-one mentoring, I will show you how to:
♥ Unleash your creativity and unique gifts,
♥ Discover and realize your life dreams in powerful ways that benefit our world,

♥ C
reate an inspired life of passion, purpose and deep play, and
♥ Walk your own unique heart path to fulfillment, inner freedom and joy.

Isn’t that what we are here for?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
 —Howard Thurman, philosopher, educator and civil rights leader

Artists and dreamers need creative community, ongoing inspiration and real tools to thrive. We are soul-crafting here.

Join us for the deepest kind of play!

Brilliant Playground is a space of inclusion and honoring for people of all colors, races, paths, genders and sexual preferences. You are welcome here!

Discover the Six Essential Ingredients of a Thriving Creative life!

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The work and sessions I’ve had with you have been some of the most healing and transformative of my life.

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Maxima, you are exceptional as a teacher: intuitive, supportive, enthusiastic, as well as having a wealth of your own experiences to draw from.

I was so stuck, so firmly and fearfully rooted in place…how could I not be happy with being set free? Thank you, Maxima, from the bottom of my joyful heart.

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“It feels like more has happened inside me in 14 days as far as deep insights and healing… than in 14 years of deep spiritual work and healing. Truly remarkable.”

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