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Hi. I'm Maxima Kahn. I have helped hundreds of artists​, dreamers and creative people of all kinds to unleash their gifts and create lives of passion, purpose and deep play.  

In ​my work, I have found, again and again that if ​a creative person is feeling stuck, frustrated, uninspired or unfulfilled, ​they are often missing one or more of the​se ​6 Essential ​Ingredients

And they don't know it! So they blame themselves needlessly. When the solution is at hand!

You don't have to suffer and beat yourself up. This book will give you the ingredients you need to end the stuckness and create the conditions for an inspired, fulfilling creative life. ​

It's my gift to you.

  • Learn the 6 Essential Ingredients ​you need ​to ​thrive creatively.
  • ​Discover what's been missing that​'s keeping you stuck, frustrated or uninspired.
  • ​Get ​action ​steps to bring each Essential Ingredient into your life now.

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I love your e-book and am so inspired by your clarity, vision, and encouragement. I have been missing many of the elements you mentioned and blaming myself. I am going to take these ingredients to heart and give myself a chance to open to a whole new creative lifestyle.–Ellen

About Maxima Kahn

Hi, I'm Maxima Kahn, poet, dancer, musician, teacher, life coach and creator of BrilliantPlayground.com.

I ​have helped hundreds of heart-centered creators, artists and dreamers, who ​were searching for inspiration, joy, and fulfillment how to throw off the limits to their creativity, inner freedom and big dreams, and create lives of passion, purpose and deep play.

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