Romancing the Muse: Creative Writing Workshop

Calling all writers!

I invite you to join me for a day of inspiration, imagination and creative play.

Learn how to court your muse, stay inspired and cultivate powerful writing in this lively, fun creative writing workshop.

The emphasis is on imagination and permission, freeing up the writer in you to get to your most authentic, alive voice.

I share inspiring, inventive exercises to get you writing at your best, as well as tools and practices to foster your ongoing writing life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Unleash your most compelling, unique voice and your brilliant imagination.
  • Blast through writer’s block and resistance to writing.
  • Discover what you really want to say.
  • Expand your creative palette. 

Open to writers in all genres and at all levels of experience, we write together and share our writing in a supportive and highly stimulating environment.

This approach is profoundly effective for all sorts of writing—from poetry to screenplays, memoir to fiction, from writing as healing to writing for publication, from beginners to experienced writers.

  • If you want to write more, write better or just write!
  • If you’ve been stuck or struggling in your writing…
  • Or if you just want new tools, inspiration, creativity and fun…

    Join us!

Your muse will thank you!

SUNDAY, JUNE 3 • 1:00 – 5:30 pm • $65
at the Inner Path, 200 Commercial St, downtown
Spaces are limited. Pre-registration is required.

Sign up now for a day of creative play and inspiration!

“I loved the experience of discovery, of new writing and new perspectives
unfurling naturally like the opening of a flower…
allowing the work to write itself, because it’s been there all along, waiting for the pen to outline its form.”

“It has opened a window to myself – to expression, to connect again to the voice that speaks to me and wants to be known and heard through language on paper-and ever so much more. Totally loved it!”

“You filled my toolbox with ideas not just for writing but preparing for all kinds of creativity.”

Maxima! I wanted to say Thank YOU for your lovely shepherding of our sensitive writer souls. Somehow, just that sweet couple of hours has ignited my writer self once again, after a very long hiatus. . .been writing freestyle daily. . .such freedom! Thank you for reminding me.

All registrations are final. No refunds.

Contact me if you have questions: Maxima 530-263-9780