A Love Practice

Ask yourself “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?”

Now, get quiet.

Wait past the first answer the mind wants to offer, which will probably be a reflex or something that’s habitual for you.

Listen. Tune in. Pay attention to your deep heart, your wise heart, and ask that part of you, your deep knowingness, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?” Or if that’s too big, “What is one truly loving thing I can do for myself today that would feel really goodTulips_Daria Sukhorukova_web?”

If you get, “I don’t know,” just keep listening. Perhaps it will come to you in a few minutes, perhaps in a few hours. Just hold the question open and see what arises as you move about your day. Keep inquiring.

You may be surprised. It may be very simple, or something you never would have thought of. Maybe it’s something that scares you a bit or is a leap for you in some way, but you know it’s right. Self-love isn’t the same as self-indulgence, but it is kind, and it is wise.

Another way to access this is “What am I needing now? and how can I give that to myself today?” Or simply, “How can I show myself some love right now?”

When you get an answer, be sure to do that thing. Give yourself that act of kindness.

If you got something that’s impossible for you to do today, then you weren’t listening to your heart. The heart always is in the present moment, aware of your circumstances, able to move with what is. It’s not irresponsible, though it may seem irrational from the mind’s viewpoint.

“What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?”

Photo by Daria Sukhorukova


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