Resistance to Creating

Woman_painting_123rfI’m going to let you in on a big secret that always surprises my students: Every artist battles with resistance to creating. And every dreamer resists what their heart dreams of most.

You are not weird, deficient or lazy just because you resist doing what you love and what you say you want to be doing. You are not missing some vital creative gene that successful artists have. You are not doomed to failure.

I will say it again: Every artist feels resistance to creating their art—everyone.

Take a breath and really let that in, because I bet you have been beating yourself up and thinking it was some flaw with you.

The fact that you resist your art, or your big life dreams, does not make you bad, wrong or lacking. It makes you human. Welcome.

In fact Steven Pressfield wrote a best-selling book that is entirely devoted to the subject of dealing with resistance to making art, The War of Art. That is how common it is.

Why is it so important for you to know this? Because when we take the stigma and charge out of the fact that we feel resistance, we can then begin to address it in meaningful ways.

DreamsFlags_123rfHere’s an even bigger surprise: The more important your art is to you, the more close to your heart any life dream is, the more resistance you will feel to it, at least at some points along the way—sometimes at the very beginning, often when the going gets tough.

Why? Resistance is fear. Usually we mis-name it. We call it laziness, procrastination and distraction or busyness. All of these are false names to cover something we would rather not feel or admit: We are afraid. Resistance is fear, and we do not want to feel fear.

We are afraid of failure, disappointment, our violent inner critic, our crippling self-doubt, the judgment of others, our pervasive sense of not being good enough.

Under the fear are even more difficult feelings: past hurts, wounds, times we were shut down, shamed, criticized, times we failed or did not get what we so badly wanted and needed, a host of skeletons in the closet. No wonder we resist creating or going for our dreams. What matters deeply to our heart is our path of growth and will put us up against all these inner demons.

Rather than face these, we check our email one more time, put another load of laundry in, schedule an appointment at the very time we had set aside for creativity, decide to watch a movie, or more insidiously subconsciously create drama in our lives that zaps our energy and steals our attention away from our heart’s dreams.

But there is a way out of this maze of resistance and procrastination. Here is a three-step process to move past resistance and into doing what you love:

1) Be honest—The first step in dealing with resistance is to stop labeling it falsely as laziness, procrastination, distraction or busyness. These are ways of lying to yourself that simultaneously beat you up and let you off the hook in an unhelpful way. “Oh well, I’m just lazy. I can’t get anything done.” Not true.

The first step is to be honest with yourself and admit that you are afraid. Let yourself become conscious of the fears at play. Name them specifically. What are you afraid of? What old hurts are you carrying? Write them all out. They will begin to lose power this way when you bring them into the light of consciousness with love and compassion. Most importantly, let yourself feel the fears, feel the feelings, but don’t believe the stories they are telling you. You have to feel it to heal it.

2) Question the Fear—Next, make a conscious choice to question the fear, to doubt the stories it is telling you, to open up new possibilities for yourself.

Look at each fear that you wrote down, one by one, and begin to question it. Is that really true? Can I absolutely know that it is true? If I tune into my deepest wisdom and widest heart, what is actually more true or the deeper truth about what this fear is telling me? What do I know or sense to be more true?

You can also reason from the truth. Look at the story the fear is telling you. For instance, “I will be ridiculed if I share my art.” And look at your past experience. Yes, maybe there were some examples that support your fear, but where are there also examples that you are overlooking when your creativity was welcomed and appreciated? Or, can you really know this will happen again in the future? What could you do to create different conditions now from when you previously were wounded in your creativity? What more positive outlook would support you in moving forward toward your heart’s dreams now? Why not try that on and play with it?

letter-writing3) Take a Step—And finally, you have to choose to move past the fear, even though you are probably still feeling it. You have to actually do what you long to do—write, dance, paint, play music, go for your dreams. Take a step today—even if it is a very small step. Every step we take becomes a victory over the fear and resistance.

I highly recommend you schedule time for your creativity or your dreams in your calendar at a specific time, and do it at the time you scheduled. Sometimes the way to do this is by signing up for a class or being a part of a group. Other times what is helpful is to start with very small increments of time, say 15 minutes or 30 minutes. And to plan small steps you can take that take no more time than that.

When it is your scheduled time, notice the tendency to procrastinate, to do just one more thing before beginning to make art, and don’t be fooled by those temptations. Hold fast. If you do this, you will weaken the resistance. If you do this multiple times and keep making time for your art and showing up, pretty soon you will have formed a new habit, something that becomes automatic and no longer carries resistance (or at least much resistance). You’ll find yourself doing what you love regularly without the battle.

While you are creating or preparing to create, let yourself feel the fear and resistance, the sadness and anger and hurt, whatever is in there longing to be felt and acknowledged, but do not use this as a reason not to begin. These feelings will become fuel for your art, your growth, your humanity and your dreams, and they will ultimately set you free.

When there are deep wounds from the past, we need the help of an experienced guide to free ourselves from blocks and beliefs that may have become buried or too painful to look at alone, and to rekindle the courage, faith in ourselves and in life that was lost. If that is the case I highly recommend taking The Artist’s Way course with me. You can see radical changes in your life, your freedom to create what you choose, and your ability to live from your joy, passion, inspiration and gifts through this life-changing course. It has happened for hundreds of students I have worked with, and it can happen for you now. I look forward to walking with you on your heart path.

Exploring Pleasure and the Poetry of Our Lives

joychild_verysmallIn my Brilliant Playmates membership program, we begin each month with the new moon, creating new intentions, taking new steps toward our creativity and our big dreams for our lives, supported by my guided meditations and inspiring prompts and suggestions. We begin this month on Thursday, August 13 in the evening, in time for the new moon.

This month our theme is…

Exploring Pleasure and the Poetry of Our Lives

beautiful_forest_123rfDiscover how enhancing the pleasure in your life and your awareness of the poetic within us and all around us can give an inspired boost to your creativity, to your motivation to move towards your heart’s desires, and to your enjoyment of life.

It’s easy to forget to nurture this in the busyness of life, but neglecting pleasure and the poetic can take the passion and joy out of life, leaving us feeling creatively blocked and unable to move forward meaningfully toward our life’s dreams.

We’re going to rekindle this delightful aspect of our lives this month!

This month begins Thursday, August 13.

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New Moon, New Possibilities

2015-08-01 12.24.25“I learned this, at least, by my experiment:
that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
—Henry Thoreau, Walden

The new moon is this Friday morning at 7:53 am PST. A new cycle begins.

Lion_123rf_PaulMaguireThe new moon is an excellent time for starting new adventures and projects, for new beginnings and setting new intentions. This new moon is in Leo, which gives a boost to creativity, self-expression, and playing on a larger stage in your life.

One astrologer writes: “With this potent Leo energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle. It’s time to make some plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings.”

I have some invitations to spark your creative fires and help you live the life you have imagined.:
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Mark your calendars: I’ll be starting a new Artist’s Way course on September 15. I have exciting news about this. I will write to you this Friday, so that those of you who want to sign up for this life-changing course during the new moon in Leo can do so. Very powerful. You will save $100 and get some huge bonuses by signing up early. Watch for my e-news on Friday with special news about this.

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2015-08-02 14.29.57webI’m giving you choices to be inspired and create a meaningful, beautiful and joyful life for yourself. There’s no need to wait any longer.

Ride the wave of the new moon energy and take a step for what you truly desire now. If not now, when?

To your bold and beautiful life,


P.S. I just heard from a man who attended my Get Unstuck workshop. He told me that a pattern he has struggled with for 40 years,  that was “unfixable,” melted away in the workshop. He just moved past it! This is one of the processes I teach in my mentoring/life coaching program.
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A Deeper Acceptance

DissolvinginTruth_RogerBurkhardToday, as i sit with my candle, i bring my loving awareness to those places of low self-worth, of feeling undeserving and guilty, in me, and to the sadness, the unloved feeling that goes with them, feeling not good enough.

I know loving awareness is enough if i keep bringing it to bear on what i feel and think. Everything dissolves gradually of its own in the presence of Truth. So, it is a matter of remembering to bring awareness to what is occurring and not to believe the lies the thoughts tell or get lost in the feelings.

What is here to be felt needs to be felt and not pushed down or run from, but at the same time not to wallow in the feelings by replaying the stories i tell about them, but to let them flow as energies, weathers that want to move and shift, release and heal.

To be able to lead others to this freedom within, i have to find it myself.

There is a deeper acceptance i need—of all my selves, all my facets, of others, of the world as it is now—a deep embrace and acceptance. From there comes peace and any truly sane, helpful movement. There is still too much i reject in me, don’t like or want, and that creates a split, suffering, inner war, ineffectiveness, confusion.

How about just being exactly as i am, with my sadness, busy mind, confusion, and all the rest? To really embrace the shadows and thus find a greater compassion for—and ease with—self and others.

—Maxima Kahn

On Risk, Part 2 ~ One of My Favorite Creative Tools

In my last essay, I wrote about the importance of Taking Risks and Being Vulnerable in Our Art.

Today, I’m going to share with you a beautiful, life-long tool for artists and creatives of all kinds that will help you to be ready to take risks and be vulnerable (or real) in your art. And I’m going to share with you why this tool is so effective.

To be able to make art that arises out of your own rich experience so that others are moved and changed by it poses several challenges. First off, you have to actually get in touch with what you feel, sense and think at a very real level, not on the surface, the parts you might willingly share at a dinner party, but the deep stuff, the murk and muck of being alive. Even the so-called positive emotions, such as joy, can be scary when deeply felt. But to be able to share yourself in your art, you have to spend time with yourself and your feelings and thoughts regularly, to come to know who you are and how you tick.

In my classes and mentoring, I am regularly amazed at how frequently and thoroughly some people avoid being in touch with their feelings and deeper thoughts, even the sensations of their bodies, and then wonder why they have no inspiration to draw from.

writing by the seaTo come to know yourself and be in deeper relationship with yourself there is no better tool that I know than the Morning Pages, which are a form of journaling. I know, I know. When I suggest keeping a journal, there is resistance. “I don’t know what to write,” or “I don’t have time for that,” “I always write the same thing day after day,” or “It stirs up too many unpleasant feelings.” But the benefits of this tool are many and rich. I will share them with you here.

But first. What are the Morning Pages?

The Morning Pages, as taught by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way are three full-size (8.5 x 11″) pages of long-hand writing every morning, anything goes, no holds barred, no rules, a record of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, imaginings, whatever wants to flow out onto the page.

They are not meant to be shared with anyone, and they are not meant to be art or “good writing.” They are a place for you to encounter yourself on the page, and they are one of the best tools I know for coming into a deeper self-knowing for any kind of creative person.

man_writing_journal_benchThe Morning Pages are the place where we meet ourselves unedited on the page and thereby uncover, over time, an incredible treasure trove of emotions, memories, inspirations, fascinations, dreams, that are the raw material of our art.

The Morning Pages also make space to clear out all the gunk that would normally get in the way of our being able to create good art. We need unedited space to process our experiences, thoughts and emotions before turning them into art. We also need space to hear ourselves and get out our concerns, obsessions, dreams, heartache, excitement on the page, so that we can then hear what is wanting to become our next piece of art. If we do not first give these vital feelings and concerns our attention, they tend to clamor for attention and cloud our ability to listen to the deeper promptings of our art. For instance, if I’m writing a novel about the middle ages and I’m having a big fight with my neighbor. I need to get the fight out on the page first, in my journal, so I can get on with the business of my novel.

When using the Morning Pages, it is vital not to judge anything that you write, not to censor yourself, and it is best NOT to re-read the pages, at least for a couple months after writing them (except if you need to go back and retrieve a really good idea or a passage you want to use in a poem or piece of art). This space needs to be an open space where anything and everything is allowed to flow onto the page and not be judged. If you need to complain about your roommate, or pine for your lost love, for 40 pages or 100 pages, you get to do that.

The benefits of this open space are many. Beyond the essential tool of having a way to know and feel yourself deeply, so that you have this rich resource of YOU from which to make art that is compelling, alive and real, you also have a place to sort through your troubling challenges, to surprise yourself with solutions and insights, to dream your big dreams and not be shamed out of them, to work out your feelings and not carry them around all day, inappropriately smothering others with them. I believe the Morning Pages make us both better people and better artists. Try them and see for yourself.

Hey. If you loved this essay, if you got benefit from it, if it stirred something in you, I’d love to know. Would you take a moment to leave a comment here? I’d love it if you would. You might also share this on Facebook or with a friend. Thanks for spreading the love.

Taking Risks and Being Vulnerable in Your Art

Man Singing_123rfAn artist must take risks. An artist must be willing to be vulnerable. This is not comfortable. But if you want to maintain a safe, respectable distance, if you are wedded to appearing calm and rational, if you want to hide behind a polished persona, above reproach, if you don’t want to let your deepest feelings, thoughts and experiences be shared with the world, you run the serious risk of making art which might achieve a certain technical virtuosity but never move or touch anyone, never make a difference in someone’s life.

We have all witnessed this kind of art, remarkable in its wizardry but it leaves us cold—like the musician who practices ten hours a day but has never put his own heart into his playing. Contrast this with the old-time blues musician on his front porch, playing simple chords on a beat-up guitar and singing in a raw, untrained voice, but touching our souls and causing our hairs to stand on end.

You may appear accomplished if you master the craft of your art form, but you have not actually put yourself into it, and so others are not inspired or moved to deep feeling. They may applaud your mastery, but they never approach you with tears in their eyes or face aglow, nearly speechless from what you have given them. You don’t change their life in any way.

jazzmusiciansTo move and inspire your audience, you have to risk being real, vulnerable, raw, awkward, unacceptable.

You have to expose yourself, your feelings, sensations and thoughts, without trying to make them look more polite, reasonable or contained.

Yes, you shape them into art, but you have to share your experiences and imagination, not from a safe, comfortable distance, but as wild and real as they occur.

The poet Robert Frost famously wrote, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.” If you, as author or creator, are not feeling your own sorrow as you write and willingly sharing that open place within you, your reader is not going to be feeling the sadness you are hoping to convey either. Your reader is not going to be feeling anything but bored, detached, unengaged.

Are you moved as you write your poem? Are you moved as you read it? Or are you unwilling to re-feel your own feelings and experiences deeply? Are you afraid to stir those waters or confess your real truths? Then, that too is what the reader will feel, your fear, your caution, your hiding, your lies.

The poet William Wordsworth wrote, “ I have said that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity: the emotion is contemplated till, by a species of reaction, the tranquillity gradually disappears, and an emotion, kindred to that which was before the subject of contemplation, is gradually produced, and does itself actually exist in the mind.”

Note that although he says that the previously-felt emotion is now recollected in tranquility, Wordsworth goes on to say that the poet recalls this emotion until it is felt again powerfully. He then says, “In this mood successful composition generally begins, and in a mood similar to this it is carried on…”

“Understand that you can have in your writing no qualities which you do not honestly entertain in yourself,” Walt Whitman wrote.

I come back to these quotes again and again because they are deep and true and serve as powerful guides and reminders for poets and artists. There is much wisdom to be mined in them. This quote by Walt Whitman reminds us that you are not going to get away with lying and pretending in your art to be someone that you are not. The reader will smell the deception. The writing will not be convincing, and your true self will show through anyway.

If you are feeling mean-spirited at the moment, then mean-spirited is what you can write. It is no use trying to be loving and compassionate because it will just ring false. But you can perhaps write a great villain character or a poem about feeling grouchy (I’ve written some powerful poems in this state), and others will be grateful for the honesty, the reflection of something they recognize in themselves or in the world.

Woman_painting_123rfSo, you do not get to hide in your art.

Yes, you can create characters and personae. You can use clever word play, and certainly you can try to keep parts of your life private, but you have to be generous, willing to share who you are and how you experience the world, to be vulnerable.

An artist does not have the luxury of hiding. She makes art out of her own life, her own body, heart and soul, even when she does not personally appear in her poems as an “I,” she is nonetheless everywhere throughout the poems.

In my next article, I will talk about the challenges posed by this vulnerability and how to meet them. Stay tuned

Hey. If you loved this essay, if you got benefit from it, if it stirred something in you, I’d love to know. Would you take a moment to leave a comment here? I’d love it if you would. Thanks!

—Maxima Kahn

No one turned away for lack of funds

squirrelfor Mary Oliver

Everyone has their teachers,

I think to myself this morning

as I notice you have dedicated

your small great book of poems to James Wright.


We are all in each other’s debt,

all filled with this inconstant music—

inherited vocables, lost syllables—

speaking themselves again in our mouths.


The squirrel is gnawing at the inside

of the kitchen walls. All day I hear her slow,

determined ratcheting. She will find her way

through to something.


And I have your words in my head,

these words that echo

with his words; one day

you may even have mine.


I turn back to your poem.

Watching is what you do so well. Watching

until it opens you

and the words come pouring.


And you are slow and timely

and do not hurry over the least thing

until the earth glitters and every leaf

is upturned toward the light.


Look how abundantly

the earth scatters her rich gifts—

pine needles litter the red ground—

such surplus, such redundance,


as if she were singing, plenty, plenty, plenty,

while we shadow and cringe,

thinking never enough,

foolish in our small, square lives.


Now here I am to try my hand

wherever my own secret lies,

in some hoard, like the acorns

piled swiftly behind these


yellow walls—

my stash, my sweet supply.


—Maxima Kahn

first published in Spillway, A Poetry Magazine

What I Learned About Love

I was recently inspired and moved by a beautiful blog post by Matt Licata, PhD. What he reminded me is that true love accepts the other person just as they are, without agenda, without trying to change or fix them. We are able to be with them just as they are and find it beautiful, perfect and right.

birdfeedinghand_123rfAs I brought this into my work with my private mentoring (creative life coaching) clients, I found the places where I was still wanting a particular outcome for them that I thought would bring them happiness, peace, relief. Yes, usually this was the very outcome they had said they wanted but were now resisting in some way (this is incredibly common).

If I push them toward this desired outcome when they are resisting, they will tend to dig in their heels and act in self-sabotaging ways. The part of them that’s not ready yet or resisting needs to be held and honored, to be heard.

Seeing this, I am able to let go. As I let go of outcomes and timing, and am just with them exactly where they are, amazing things happen. Big transformations. So much love in the room. Ease.

And Spirit guides the whole thing perfectly. I get to witness people healing themselves and coming to their own brilliance and life dreams beautifully. There’s no rush, and hence, things often happen very quickly.

As a teacher, there is a place for me to take a fierce stand for my students and clients, and I do. I hold a high vision for them when they struggle to hold it themselves. I know what’s possible for them, and I don’t give up on them.

I challenge them gently, when they need to be challenged (as best I can). I take a fierce stand for the truth of who they are and the possibilities for their lives. But I also listen carefully and openly to exactly where they are, holding that as right and good, and I let that guide the whole process. That tells me when to nudge or point out a blind spot or invite them to an inspiring challenge, and it tells me when to just make a whole lot of space for what is happening, be patient and trust.

I wish I could adequately express how moving and miraculous this process is for me, as I’ve been working with more and more people in private 1:1 sessions to help them free themselves from their inner and outer blocks, uncover their heart’s path, and live their life’s dreams.

If you are interested in having this kind of focused, deep, loving support to create your brilliant life and keep on living it, you can find out more here or email me here to set up a free Discovery session.

I also invite you to look at how you can bring this understanding about love into all of your relationships and watch them blossom.

The Seasons of a Creative Life ~ Part 4: Winter

The Seasons of a Creative Life ~ Part 4: Winter

This is the final post in a 4-part series on the Seasons of a Creative Life. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here.

In the Winter we turn inward for renewal and replenishment.

It may feel like nothing is happening, like we have dried up and have no more good ideas or inspiration or energy for creativity. We are tempted to panic.

But this season is needed too.

This is a time for absorbing new sources of inspiration—reading great books, watching films, listening to music, going to art shows, following our passions and interests, trusting the process, even though it is not yet yielding any outer work.

We may, in fact, during this phase be continuing to go to our studio every day—that’s good!—even though nothing is flowing. We are not creating anything we like. Have patience!

Winter: A Time of Mystery and Transformation

Many changes are taking place in the dark under the soil. Many new seeds are waiting to sprout.

Before a transformation in our style, a breakthrough to something new, we often go through a kind of death of the old, which can feel painful and bewildering and scary.

This is winter. Everything looks dead and frozen, but tremendous things are happening within, waiting for the conditions of spring to burst forth again.

Keep Feeding Your Inner Life

Make use of this time by going within, getting to know yourself better, mining your history, your fascinations, your emotions for new directions.

This is also a great time for inner transformational work, to clear new pathways within.

In the winter, we read seed catalogs and plan our gardens, letting ourselves freely dream and imagine. We also let ourselves slow down, rest and renew, so that we can have energy for the spring and summer ahead.

If You Get Stuck in Winter

Sometimes we get stuck in winter. Uninspired and feeling lifeless, we don’t have the energy or hope to dream. We are in the doldrums.

If that is happening, it can be wise to get some help. Take a class to get new inspiration or reach out from some one-on-one mentoring from me to get your creative juices and enthusiasm flowing again and open up possibilities in your life you may never have even dreamed were possible.

Trust the Wisdom of the Seasons

When we think we should always be inspired and flowing, we are making unfair demands on ourselves. We blame ourselves or our circumstances for something being amiss. Really it may be that nothing is wrong. We are simply in another season with different gifts that we can use, if we become aware of them.

Start to notice the cycles in your creative life and to flow with them, rather than resisting them.

How can I make use of this time to further my creativity and creative dreams?

Is this a time for gathering new sources of inspiration and studying new skills?

Or is it a time for collaboration and sharing of work?

Is this a time for creating lots of new first drafts, just letting them pour out without censoring or judging?

Or is this a time for revising and revisiting, seeing how I can improve on earlier work?

Every season has its blessings and is needed to complete the full cycle of creation.

Share below what you got from reading this post. I’d love to hear. And, of course, if it feels valuable, share it with a friend.



your eyes on the gold

and silver of the morning

light in these trees,

your ears

on the rhythmic drumming

of the woodpecker, the funny laughter

of some little bird

snickering like a mischievous boy.


This is the balm of morning,

its healing salve,

everything in cahoots:

the dark purple

petunias shuddering

to the same pulse

as the clack of insects,

a persistent cheep

from the canyon below

punctuating at

precise intervals,


and when the leaf lets go

the branch, when the neighbor

sings out to his dog, the way

someone’s radio makes

a low undertone, or a cloud drifts

like a high soprano

over the whole arrangement,

even the infinitely slow

bass carillon of new

growing trees is part

of this harmony; nothing mars

the perfection

of the score, nothing

dampens the day.

©Maxima Kahn, previously published in Westview and The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry


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