Life Coaching & Creativity Mentoring

I offer a powerful blend of life coaching, creativity coaching & mentoring, soul whispering, and profound transformational tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

For heart-centered artists, creators and dreamers, who are longing to express themselves creatively and live an extraordinary life.

If you…

♦ If you have dreams, projects, or goals you wish to bring to life…

♦ If you feel stuck in limiting habits, beliefs, and patterns…

♦ If you are seeking profound support to unleash your gifts and create a life you love…

♦ If you are longing for inspired vision, structure, accountability, and momentum…

♦ If you would love to learn powerful tools and have an experienced guide to help you actualize the life you desire…

Let’s see how we can create miracles together.

My Approach

Perhaps you have a specific project or dream you’d love to realize. Or a desire to unleash your gifts and know your next steps, to express yourself more fully and make a greater contribution to our world. Or a longing to create a more fulfilling, joy-filled, easeful life.

I guide you to tap into your unique gifts and passions and help you walk your heart path to your most fulfilling life. Through this process, you release the blocks that have held you back, so you can become more fully who you really are.

I have studied a wealth of powerful modalities and tools to help you create a life you love. You can use these tools for a lifetime to clear blocks, tap into your innate wholeness, freedom, and aliveness, and co-create with Life to bring your heart’s dreams to fruition.

What I teach is a beautiful journey of creative play, mastery, expression, and fulfillment, the path of heart.

I have helped people from 20 to 80 to bring clarity, momentum and well-being to their lives, navigate challenging transitions, make time for what they love, find their calling, write books, start a business, heal past wounds and limiting beliefs, create loving relationships and much more.

This is not an overnight process. Real change takes time, and dreams require care and attention to bear fruit. If you are wondering whether what I offer is right for you, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me to explore.

Current students
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The work and sessions I’ve had with you have been some of the most healing and transformative of my life. The road to recovery with my creative life, the recognizing of my artist child [within] and the synchronistic experiences that come about by granting essential worth to my enthusiasm has been a supported paradigm shift that has transformed my reality profoundly for the better and healthier.
I’ve been amazed over and over again, when I bring these places of myself to you, what you are able to do with them with me. Just incredible work, Max. It has brought something to me that no one else has ever brought to me. Thank you so much.

What You Get

♥ Gain radical clarity on what you desire for your life. We’ll sort “should” dreams from heart dreams and help you walk your path to fulfillment, inner freedom and joy.

♥ Identify what’s actually holding you back. It’s often not what you think, and it is blocking you in many areas of your life.

♥ Clear inner obstacles. Learn extraordinary, life-changing tools to transform your blocks, limiting beliefs and behaviors and live from the freedom that you are.

♥ Clear outer obstacles. Create good boundaries, happy relationships and healthy habits of body, mind, heart and spirit to lay the foundations for creating what you desire.

Meditating person♥ Create vital structures that allow your life to flourish. Your heart’s dreams need the proper conditions and care to bear fruit.

♥ Learn to co-create your dreams. Rather than trying to go it alone, beating yourself up, and creating stress, overwhelm and frustration, I’ll teach you how to connect with your innate enthusiasm, guidance and inspiration, and summon a field of support. Watch your life blossom!

In Maxima’s private mentoring sessions…she has been able to give me personal feedback and targeted strategies that have helped me discover, visualize, and realize my creative life dreams and goals. One of the best things is that Max has helped me see that every day can be lived creatively with fun, play, and joy.

She did NOT tell me how to live but helped me discover the dreams and life that I most want and then found ideas, strategies, and tools that have enabled me to take the steps towards those life dreams. She has done all this with compassion, patience, and wisdom. She also taught me to regularly listen to my deepest self and that dreams are not set in stone and can change as I change and grow.

If you want more creativity and joy in your life, I highly recommend working (or as she would say, playing) with Max. You will discover that she gives her all to helping you discover and then live the joyful and creative life you dream of living.”


A Profound Gift to Yourself

This kind of deep support can save you a lot of time and wear and tear. It is a profound investment in yourself.

People who work with coaches and mentors make radical leaps that those who struggle alone do not.

None of us can do this alone.

How I Work

I offer this work in packages of six sessions, to be used within a four-month time frame. The investment for six sessions is $650-800 sliding scale.

Most clients choose to work with me for much longer than a single package of six sessions. This allows deep change to happen and for you to have support to realize your big dreams. However, if you have a specific focus, we can accomplish a great deal in six sessions.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your dreams, click here to schedule a free Discovery Session to explore how we can make miracles together. In the Discovery Session, I will help you gain further clarity on your desires, needs, and what stops you, as well as next steps. You’ll get your questions answered, and we will make sure we are a good match to work and play together.

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Let's explore how we can work together to create your dreams.
When Max and I started working together almost six months ago, I felt like a person lugging around a heavy, awkward, and locked toolbox. Without the key.

I knew I had the desire to write. I was fairly confident that I had the skill. And I had hundreds of great ideas. But they were all locked up in this toolbox, and I felt frustrated and inadequate every time I sat down and tried to open it.

Max helped me find the key. In fact she helped me realize that the box was never really locked at all, and that it would open generously for me if I chose to believe in myself enough to invite my muse into a nonjudgmental collaboration. This I did, under Max’s gentle and perceptive guidance, and the results have been joyous.

I now write nearly every day, holding firmly to an agreement with my muse not to judge or edit or scold, but merely to allow. I have completed three pieces of creative nonfiction, which wouldn’t be the fine essays they are without the careful and kind editing and questioning provided by Max over these past several months.

Working and playing with Maxima Kahn has been one of the most lovely and valuable gifts I have ever given myself. I encourage any writer, and creator, anyone with a story to tell or an insight to share (and this clearly means all of us, doesn’t it?) to give themselves that same gift. Open that toolbox; let that muse sing; let Max bring that flowing of freedom and power to your writing. Nothing could be more worthwhile.

Max is a marvel! I couldn’t ask for a better writing mentor. Not only does she possess the spiritual and intellectual depth needed to get to the heart of what I’m trying to say, she also has the poetic vision without which I would probably never discover my soul’s true voice.

I’m continuously amazed at her ability to suggest just the right practice to move me past whatever “block” I’m experiencing in the moment. Most of all, she’s helped me realize that good writing must come from the depths of one’s being and that apart from a strong coherence between what I’m saying and how I’m living, nothing I write will be worth reading.

Beyond her reverent attention to words, Max has been instrumental in fostering my own personal development so that my words can speak my being with greater clarity and force. It’s with deep gratitude and pleasure that I recommend her to anyone seeking to liberate the artist within.

The way Maxima guides and facilitates this experience of self-discovery and empowerment is very deep, clear, honest, direct, fun, practical, magical and to the point, bringing me closer to the source of my own creative imagination.

It gives me the tools to experience that my deepest desire of the heart and my most intimate dreams are real and possible, and are at the core of my inherent existence.

It has strengthened self-confidence and trust in what I am and have to share, coming from a place of empowerment instead of a place of doubt and negative beliefs.

I feel not only more grounded in the terrain of my life but definitely I have a much clearer and stronger standing towards the full expression of the creative spirit that I am.

As a heart-centered and skillful coach, she gently challenged me to look deeply into realizing my heart’s dream and to devote myself to it.

Max has a heartfelt presence and keen ability to dissect the stories I told and relate them back to me in a way that enabled me to stay open to the obstacles I perceived. She encouraged me to have a loving heart for my fear and self-doubt, and gave me the tools and steps to be curious and break down my resistance into welcoming questions. And as my resistance slowly dissolved, I was more able to connect to the value of my gifts, create a dream vision statement that moves my heart, and plan manageable steps of action with courage.

Having a gifted coach like Max to share our dreams with is a blessing. If there was ever a time in your life that you felt compelled to fulfill a big dream, now’s the time. The world needs our big dreams to come true. I am grateful to Max’s devoted gifts that helped me to commit to my heart’s dream, and I wish for you the benefit from her gifts as well.