Imagine. . .


A profound year-long journey into the heart of what brings you most alive

Discover the powerful tools and steps
to co-create
your unique, inspired life
of passion, purpose and deep play

woman dreamingYou Have a Dream in Your Heart

You long to follow what lights you up, to express your authentic self, to share your gifts.

To live with joy, passion and fulfillment.

To make a contribution.

To create the life you dream of.

But, how do you do it?

You may be feeling…

  • Hopeless, frustrated, stuck or confused, unsure of what to do or how to do it.
  • Too alone. You are trying to do it all by yourself, with too little support, expert guidance and companionship.
  • Like you keep coming up against the same blocks, beating your head against the same walls.
  • Like things are “ok” but you aren’t really fulfilled. Some areas of your life are great but there’s something more.
  • You wonder if your dreams are impossible, absurd or it’s too late. Maybe you just don’t have what it takes.
  • Like it’s too hard, too much work and maybe you should just settle for what you’ve got.

Or you could…

Experience the potent energy of a committed group working through a deep tested process that will take you to the heart of who you really are and what you long to be, do and experience.

So that you can create from that inspired place of heart.

Follow your soul’s callings.

And live as who you are meant to be.

A Time-Tested Process That Will Change Your Life

Living Your Dreams is a profound, life-changing, year-long journey.

A year is a natural cycle that gives you time to learn and embody new ways of being and brings your dreams to reality.

You will learn powerful tools, essential life practices and an empowering step-by-step process to discover and actualize your heart’s true dreams.

The IMAGINE Dreamtending process gleans from a wealth of contemporary discoveries and wisdom traditions to create a comprehensive inner and outer journey that my students have called “revolutionary” and “life-changing.”

“I am like a different person living a different life than when we started; I am stunned.

What I noticed was how I really gathered up some fragmented and broken pieces, parts of myself and my life. I am aware how much self-doubt was tripping me up. I couldn’t move anywhere or do anything with any confidence, so there was no flow.

What I see now is so much flow, so much is flowing and changing in my life in ways that are huge and powerful and empowering, and it’s happening with a grace and generosity and goodness and harmony that I could never have predicted. It’s just amazing.

I feel like I have everything that I need for a rich and full and satisfying life and I thank you with all my heart. I am in a new life, everything in my home, my work, everything is reflecting that. I don’t think anything was left unchanged. Thank you.”

The Big Benefits of Living Your Dreams

Discover the dreams of your heart and the callings of your soul,

♥ Uncover your unique brilliance and how to use those gifts to be a contribution to our world in ways that delight and fulfill you,

♥ Transform the painful blocks, false beliefs, and limiting behaviors that have held you back,

Realize your life dreams in a step-by-step process that yields huge results,

♥ Co-create your inspired life of possibility, passion, purpose and deep play.

“I learned that I can make things happen in my life. If I want something and set my intention and make steps toward it, then it is possible. I can move past the thought and actually have the real change.…I can move mountains!

Before taking the class I had a lot of dreams for my life. However, I would become frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t making my dreams reality. I would make attempts at them, but I didn’t know how to really pursue them. Since taking the class I am able to verbalize my dreams and then create concrete steps to fulfilling them.

I allow myself to have impossible dreams and see how I can actually achieve them. I also allow myself to take the time to pursue my dreams and give them great weight and significance. Amazing things are happening in my life. Thank you Max!

How It Works

Class size is limited to 9 participants. You get oodles of individual care and attention.

This is a highly-interactive course. Through verbal sharing, embodiment practices, interactive activities and home-play between sessions, we engage in whole-body learning that changes your life.

Choose the format that works for you

I’m offering two sections of this course, in different formats, one is online, the other meets in person in Nevada City, CA.

  1. Living Your Dreams Nevada City: All sessions meet in person in Nevada City, California. You will need access to email for regular communications about the course and be able to participate in our online private forum. (There are no recordings of classes. If you miss a class, you will need to check in with another student to find out what you missed.)
  2. Living Your Dreams Interactive Online Course: All sessions, including the retreats, will be held live and online. You will need to be available at the class times to engage with the group live online. However, if you need to miss an occasional class, audio recordings will be available. We will use a platform called Zoom, which allows us to see and hear each other and also to meet in smaller discussion groups. You will need an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet with a webcam plus a clear audio connection. Audio can be either via built-in microphone, or you can call in via phone. Call in numbers for over 90 countries are provided.

Dates and Times TBA

  • We begin with a weekend retreat.
    We start with a soul-nourishing, visioning retreat to harvest the outgoing year and tune into the dreaming of the new year. We connect with our deepest dreams and heart’s desires and set out on our journey together in a powerful way.
  • We meet on alternate weeks for 2 hour sessions throughout the year with occasional periods off for integration.
  • We have a day-long retreat mid-way through the course.
    This retreat focuses on clearing internal blocks and embodying your dreams.
  • The course is 12 months to allow us a full cycle around the sun in which to see your dreams come to life.

You also receive

  • 6 private 50-minute Breakthrough Sessions with me. Receive individual, focused mentoring and transformational coaching on your dreams and challenges.
  • Private online forum to fosters deeper relationships, share insights and breakthroughs, and provide a home for our course materials.
  • My complete IMAGINE Dreamtending Process with handouts, tools and practices to use for a lifetime.
“In every possible way I am a completely different person from the start of the course, fundamentally the same but I don’t think there’s a single area of my life, small or large, that hasn’t been touched during this process. One of the big single things that stands out is how incredibly the world partners with you in this in such a huge, extravagant way.”

Investment in You

Initial deposit of $360 plus 9 monthly installments of $180.

Payments are via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. You can use a credit/debit card.

How To Sign Up

This course is a deep journey. To ensure that all participants are ready, please contact me here to schedule a time to talk to make sure this course is right for you now.

Interested in Living Your Dreams?
Your first step is to schedule a time to talk with me.
“There have been umpteen shifts, realizations, manifestations and synchronicities. I’ve been able to step away from old patterns of thought and action that were no longer useful.…I have embraced my authentic self and its evolution. I am painting. I am actively pursuing joy, opening myself to deeper relationships to my husband and friends.”

The IMAGINE Dreamtending process

I have created and refined this process over many years. It is deep, fun and powerfully effective. Not only for actualizing our heart’s dreams, but for unleashing our true gifts, our inner freedom, passion and aliveness. And for learning core life skills to create a rich, beautiful, bold life.

You will learn tools, practices and perspectives to help you in every area of your life. The same processes that have empowered me to co-create big, outrageous dreams in my life.

This is a comprehensive journey to put you in touch with your inherent co-creative power to create a life and world that is beautiful and good.

The greatest benefit is the freedom, aliveness and joy that is unleashed in you. And how that blesses our world.

“Because what the world needs is people who have come alive,” —Howard Thurman, civil rights activist

This work has radically changed my life and the lives of my students.

I. Imagine

We begin with permission to dream, tuning into and uncovering your heart’s dreams, your soul’s callings, what gives you joy, what’s alive for you now. We cultivate curiosity, wonder and playfulness to uncover what’s wanting to be birthed through you at this time. We’ll discover a Breakthrough Dream to inspire our year’s journey as well as smaller dreams, goals and desires in the 12 core domains of human life.

  • Give yourself permission to dream. Be guided into soul-centered vision for your life. Discover what’s calling to you now.
  • Distinguish heart dreams from “should” dreams, so you are walking your heart path.
  • Learn how to tune into what Life is dreaming through you, so you are in partnership with a greater Field of Life.
  • Discover your unique brilliance, your gifts, your key to joy and fulfillment in this life.
  • Uncover visions and desires in the 12 domains of life, so you create a well-rounded life that fulfills you on many levels.
  • Gain clarity and focus on which dreams to pursue now, so that you aren’t scattering your energy, trying to do too much.

II. Make Ready

Dreams need the proper conditions to blossom and bear fruit. We’ll create those conditions, looking to see how you are caring for your body, your mind, your heart and your spirit, setting in place practices to nourish these four key aspects of self. We’ll look at the structures and rhythms of your life to ensure your garden is ready for planting dreams seeds.

  • Cultivate the necessary conditions for your dreams to ripen and bear fruit.
  • Create healthy boundaries so you can flourish.
  • Develop good habits to care for your body, mind, heart and spirit for the full flowering of your life.
  • Discover how to gain the cooperation of your whole Self and invite support to catalyze your dreams.

III. Activate

In this step, we name the dream, uncover the “deep why” of the dream, the motivation behind it, which is the “juice” to see it through. We make sure the dream is aligned with your heart. And we engage magic, ritual and intention to set the dream in motion.

  • Discover the deep meaning within your life dreams.
  • Uncover a profound source of enthusiasm and energy for your dreams, so you aren’t relying on willpower.
  • Engage with creativity, play, inspiration, ritual and intention to set your dreams powerfully in motion.

IV. Grow

In this stage, we learn the core practices to bring dreams to life through step-by-step, sustainable means. This is where you learn the practical, day-to-day processes that allow you to bring dreams to life in the midst of daily life. You’ll learn how to stay on track, keep the enthusiasm and motivation alive and keep seeing dreams, both big and small, come true.

  • Learn Sacred Time Management and Vision-mapping, so that your life is centered around what matters most to you, and you aren’t living in overwhelm.
  • Discover how to move toward your dreams into do-able steps, track them in time and celebrate along the way, so you maintain momentum and enthusiasm.
  • Realize smaller goals and dreams all along the way to empower and inspire your journey.
  • Attract the companions you need to thrive.
  • Honor your natural rhythms and move towards dreams and goals in ways that feel good and don’t burn you out.
  • Create structures in your life to support your dream creation long-term.

V. Identify weeds

In this step, you’ll learn the powerful practices I use every week to remove the inner blocks, doubts, false beliefs and fears that would otherwise keep you stuck and unable to realize your dreams. This is the magical inner work of dreamtending, and it reaps huge rewards in our lives. This is how you set yourself free and embody your true co-creative power.

  • Learn extraordinary, life-changing tools to transform resistance, fear and doubt, so you can be, do and have what you love.
  • Free yourself from limitations, false beliefs and old wounds that are holding you back in every area of your life.
  • Clear the brush of unhelpful habits and structures in your life that make it hard for you to create what you desire.

VI. Nourish

In this step, we invite the support of the Field of all Life to co-create our dreams with us. We discover how to engage magic, ease, synchronicities and blessings, so that we aren’t wearing ourselves out with efforting. This step is thrilling! You will step into a field of possibilities and support and become the Self you need to be to live your dreams. And you discover that you aren’t creating your dreams alone.

  • Learn magical practices to embody the dream and shift from wanting to having.
  • Attract synchronicities, miracles and a field of support to receive your dreams without exhausting yourself.
  • Meet your inner and outer guides and helpers.
  • Enjoy deep companionship and draw on the exceptional power of a group of dreamers.

VII. Enjoy

In this step, you learn to celebrate and enjoy life all along the way, instead of waiting for some arrival point to be happy and fulfilled. You practice gratitude and appreciation, and discover blessings happening all the time. You celebrate steps taken and rewards received, the fulfillment of smaller dreams and milestones on the path to your big dreams. And you learn greater self-love and appreciation.

  • Learn to savor and enjoy life now, experiencing abundance, blessings and gratitude.
  • Cultivate play and delight in everyday life.
  • Celebrate gains, shifts, and breakthroughs all along the way.
  • Live with more aliveness, freedom and joy than you’ve imagined.
  • Harvest your dreams, both large and small!
“I am really glad to have followed my heart into this because it has led me into a place of connection that is just beautiful and peaceful, and it just feels like it’s just natural, that it’s the way everything is.…And discovering my joy, it gives me a feeling I have not felt before. I mean I have been happy before, but that sense of really being lit up from within. I have never felt that. That was a huge gift.”
Interested in Living Your Dreams?
Your first step is to schedule a time to talk with me.