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A profound six-month journey into the heart of what brings you most alive

Discover the powerful process to co-create your inspired life of passion, purpose, and deep play

woman dreamingYou Have a Dream in Your Heart

You long to follow what lights you up, to express your authentic self, to share your gifts.

To live with joy, passion, and fulfillment.

To make a contribution.

To create the life you dream of.

But, how do you do it?

“This journey for me has been very deep and transformative, and it keeps working. I feel that something in me has really shifted internally in the core of my being, something that needed to let go, and it happened without me doing the effort, just through doing the homeplay.…Giving me the structure and very practical tools to apply in my daily life to really take the direction towards the life I want to be living more and more. I feel that I am really living my dream and it just keeps evolving and unfolding. And I really tapped into the trust, self-confidence, and love and acceptance…”–M.F.

You may be feeling…

  • Scared, wondering if your dreams are impossible, absurd, too hard, or it’s too late.
  • Excited, eager to bring your heart’s dreams to reality, but not sure how.
  • Confused, not clear what dreams to focus on, but you long to follow your path of heart.
  • Overwhelmed, with too little support, structure, and companionship to realize your visions.
  • Stuck, coming up against the same blocks, internally and externally.

Instead, you could…

Experience the potent energy of a beautiful group working through a profound, proven process that will take you to the heart of who you really are and what you long to be, do, and experience now. So that you can…

Do what you love
Experience profound connection to yourself and the sacred
Enjoy an abundant, beautiful, sustainable life
Co-create extraordinary relationships
Make a difference by using your unique gifts
Live with joy as who you are truly meant to be

There is a powerful magic that happens in this course that makes miracles occur.

“I am like a different person living a different life than when we started; I am stunned.

What I noticed was how I really gathered up some fragmented and broken pieces, parts of myself and my life. I am aware how much self-doubt was tripping me up. I couldn’t move anywhere or do anything with any confidence, so there was no flow.

What I see now is so much flow, so much is flowing and changing in my life in ways that are huge and powerful and empowering, and it’s happening with a grace and generosity and goodness and harmony that I could never have predicted. It’s just amazing.

I feel like I have everything that I need for a rich and full and satisfying life and I thank you with all my heart. I am in a new life, everything in my home, my work, everything is reflecting that. I don’t think anything was left unchanged. Thank you.” —K. M.

A Time-Tested Process That Will Change Your Life

Living Your Dreams is a profound journey.

You will learn extraordinary tools, essential life practices, and an empowering step-by-step process to discover and actualize your heart’s true dreams.

The IMAGINE Dreamtending process is a unique synthesis that you won’t find anywhere else.

Drawing on a wealth of the best dreamtending tools and transformational modalities,
contemporary science and ancient wisdom traditions,
this is a comprehensive inner and outer journey that my students have called “revolutionary” and “life-changing.”

*NOTE: In the past, this course has only been open to people who have done The Artist’s Way with me. I am now opening this beautiful adventure to others, so that we can all follow our hearts, shine in our gifts, and help co-create a more loving, beautiful world.

“I have gained so much from taking this course. The number one gift is learning that it is actually possible to live my dreams, which I didn’t believe before. I now have this toolbox with all these wonderful tools and practices I learned in the course to use to live my dreams and to work deeper on myself. I will be able to use these tools and practices for the rest of my life.” —M.W.

The Big Benefits of Living Your Dreams

Discover the dreams of your heart and the callings of your soul,

♥ Uncover your unique brilliance and how to use those gifts to be a contribution to our world in ways that delight and fulfill you,

♥ Transform the painful blocks, false beliefs, and limiting behaviors that hold you back,

Realize your life dreams with a beautiful, gentle, step-by-step process that you can return to for a lifetime of dream creation,

♥ Co-create your inspired life of possibility, passion, purpose, and deep play.

“I learned that I can make things happen in my life. If I want something and set my intention and make steps toward it, then it is possible. I can move past the thought and actually have the real change.…I can move mountains!

Before taking the class I had a lot of dreams for my life. However, I would become frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t making my dreams reality. I would make attempts at them, but I didn’t know how to really pursue them. Since taking the class I am able to verbalize my dreams and then create concrete steps to fulfilling them.

I allow myself to have impossible dreams and see how I can actually achieve them. I also allow myself to take the time to pursue my dreams and give them great weight and significance. Amazing things are happening in my life. Thank you Max!” —C.B.

How It Works

Class size is limited to 8 participants. You get oodles of individual care and attention.

This is a highly-interactive course. Through embodiment practices, interactive activities, verbal sharing, and inspired homeplay, we engage in profound whole-body learning that produces deep shifts while honoring your natural rhythms and wisdom.

Live on Zoom. Small group. Highly interactive. Amazing. Deep. Fun. Life-changing. (Just look at the testimonials!)

Dates and Times

Next course will begin in January, 2024. Meets every other week for two hours for six months.
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The weeks off between sessions allow time to integrate the learning, have more spaciousness and ease in your life, and support you to practice living your dreams in the midst of everyday life.

Up to four additional group coaching sessions are sprinkled between the class sessions for added support and practice together, as needed.

You receive

  • Six months in a remarkable group of dreamers, led by an expert guide, to take you through a profound, proven process to realize your heart’s dreams, walk your unique path, and shine as who you truly are. 
  • 14 class sessions filled with amazing tools, deep sharing, structured support, loving accountability, and joyful practice together. Both deep and fun.
  • Up to 4 additional group coaching sessions to deepen the work and give you additional support and guidance.
  • Maxima’s comprehensive, proprietary IMAGINE Dreamtending process with extraordinary materials, tools, practices, and perspectives to use for a lifetime of dream creation. You will not find this anywhere else.
  • Recordings of the classes to reference in your library forever.
  • Guided meditations to foster the Dreamtending process. Many students mention the power of these meditations as a key aspect of the course.
  • 2 private 50-minute Breakthrough Sessions with me to receive individualized guidance and transformation to support your dreams and your life. These sessions have been life-changing for many.
  • Private online forum for community, support, sharing, inspiration, and lifetime friendships.
“In every possible way I am a completely different person from the start of the course, fundamentally the same but I don’t think there’s a single area of my life, small or large, that hasn’t been touched during this process. One of the big single things that stands out is how incredibly the world partners with you in this in such a huge, extravagant way.” —A.T.

Who This Course Is Not For

  • If you do not have any time or energy to devote to the practices. You need about 60-90 minutes per week for the homeplay, plus taking on some daily practices to uplift you in body, mind, heart, and spirit and pave the way for your dreams to come true. The time you put in will reward you magnificently.
  • If you are unable to attend the classes live online. Our sessions are highly interactive. You need to be able to attend the classes online and to arrive on time and stay for the full session. It is normal to miss a couple of sessions over the six months—I ask that you listen to the recordings when you miss—but if you already know you will have to miss more than two sessions, this is not the right time for you to take this journey.
  • If you are unable to participate fully. Because of the small group size, you will need to be in a private, quiet place, free of distractions for our sessions, have your camera on, and be willing to share authentically with the group.
  • If you are experiencing significant emotional/psychological upheaval—severe depression, anxiety, trauma response, etc. These conditions require individual, therapeutic care, which should be undertaken before taking this course. If your participation in the group is negatively impacting the group, you will be asked to leave.
  • If you have never done any inner healing or personal growth work. You probably won’t be ready for the depth of this process.
  • If you are not open to anything spiritual or the possibility of a loving, supportive universe. Although it is not necessary to hold any particular spiritual beliefs or practices in this course, an openness to the realms of the invisible and intangible is extremely helpful on this journey.
“Living Your Dreams is the most important workshop that I have ever taken because it helps me feel more settled, that I have a plan for my future and I am executing it! I am living my dream! My behavior has changed, I now feel more OK about going for my art. I feel more self-accepting, I am more confident I am going the right way. On the path to fulfilling my dreams. I have direction and that means so much to me! I know what I want out of my remaining years, that’s huge! Thank you, Max, for your guidance and divine insights! I look forward to taking more of your classes!” –R.W.

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Next course begins January 2024.

There are two payment options:  Pay in full or in six monthly installments.
Partial scholarships available for BIPOC. Contact me here.

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“There have been umpteen shifts, realizations, manifestations and synchronicities. I’ve been able to step away from old patterns of thought and action that were no longer useful.…I have embraced my authentic self and its evolution. I am painting. I am actively pursuing joy, opening myself to deeper relationships to my husband and friends.” —S.B.
“I am really glad to have followed my heart into this because it has led me into a place of connection that is just beautiful and peaceful, and it just feels like it’s just natural, that it’s the way everything is.…And discovering my joy, it gives me a feeling I have not felt before. I mean I have been happy before, but that sense of really being lit up from within. I have never felt that. That was a huge gift.” —S.T.
“It’s been such an important part of my life and in a beautiful way helped me to grow into a
fullness and flow with life I didn’t know was possible.” –SH