5161191 - woman in visualization metaphor. photo based mixed medium illustration.Your Year of Living Soulfully
with Maxima Kahn
and Dr. Don Williams

Enter the dreaming of the year, the rich velvet darkness, the mystery. Tune into the deep dreaming within you, the dreaming in your heart, your body, your soul, your inner singing.

What would help you rise into the fullness of who you are, the fullness of life, this year?

Come play with us in this beautiful two-day retreat.

We will gather the harvest of the outgoing year, prepare the ground for the new to blossom in our lives, and connect with deep vision to co-create a heart-connected, soulful new year.

sunwheat_mariotrunzEngaging in ritual, creativity, guided meditation, inquiry and play, we will listen to our heart’s dreams, our soul’s promptings and what Life is dreaming through us now. We’ll plant seeds in the garden of our lives to produce wholeness, blossoming and fulfillment in the year ahead. Integrating our bodies, hearts, minds and souls we will pave the way for a year of living soulfully.

Together we will:

  • Celebrate the gifts of the past year with gratitude and love, paving the way for more abundance and blessing in the new year.
  • Appreciate all we’ve learned, how we’ve grown, what has come to fruition. (Often, this gets lost in the busyness of our lives.)
  • Honor our challenges and losses.
  • Release and make space for a new story to blossom in our lives.
  • Discover the dreaming of the new year that is already within you, waiting to blossom.
  • Create a map to guide you with inspiration, clarity and vision to your heart’s desires and soul’s callings in the coming year.
  • Prepare the ground and clear the path for these dreams to come to life.
  • Engage ritual, intention and powerful energy practices to magnetize your dreams and align with the Flow of Life.

dsajh9b24g8-karl-fredricksonGive yourself the gift of this precious time to pause, reflect, replenish, and gather clear vision for your year ahead.

We are thrilled to offer this unique process, so that you too can reap the rewards of living soulfully and seeing your heart’s dreams come to life.

Instead of drifting through another year, or setting goals you don’t achieve and then feel bad about, or pushing yourself to accomplish things that may not be aligned with your heart…

8753602 - soul musicEmbark on Your Year of Living Soulfully.

Saturday, January 7 • 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.
& Sunday, January 8 • 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Inner Path, 200 Commercial St, Nevada City

The exchange for this retreat is $133.
Registration closes on Wednesday, January 4 at noon.
To Register: please click here

or contact Maxima here


Maxima Kahn, PFA, Empress of Play, works with heart-centered artists, creatives and dreamers to help them unblock their innate gifts and live their heart’s dreams. Teaching powerful, practical tools and life-changing perspectives, she has helped hundreds of people free themselves to live lives of passion, purpose and deep play.


IMG_6034Dr. Don Williams, DC, specializes in working with people who have chronic health problems. Integrating body, heart, mind and spirit in his work, he helps them uncover and resolve the deep causes of pain and disease, and remove subconscious blocks to their heart’s desires, so that they can finally have the lasting health and happiness they long for.



Brilliant Playground is a space of inclusion and honoring for people of all colors, races, paths, genders and sexual preferences. You are welcome here!