Coming to Fullness at the Solstice

Coming to Fullness at the Solstice

On Tuesday night I held my annual Summer Solstice fire circle. It was a beautiful night, despite the intense heat wave we are having. There was a deep peace, beauty and presence of heart in our gathering. We told jokes, drummed and danced, honored the gifts of the sun, and shared deeply about what’s been moving in our hearts and coming to fruition in our lives.

One participant shared a beautiful solstice practice that you can do now to bring more of what you desire into your life. I did it today, and it felt great! I share it with you below. Read on!

Celebrating Fruition

So much has been coming to fullness in my life recently:

  • Maxima's weddingI just celebrated the first anniversary of my marriage, a year of profound deepening and blossoming in our relationship, so beautiful and miraculous.
  • I’ve experienced dramatic healing and transformation in myself this past year, the letting go of something I have carried all my life.
  • I’ve spent over a year revising my book of poems, working with three different editors. A difficult process, still underway but it’s coming much closer to fruition now. I have learned so much, and my poetic voice has been growing clearer and stronger.
  • My Mentoring students this past year have been blossoming. Among many other things, they:
    • Completed a draft of a book that had been languishing for years in piles of notes,
    • Opened a business that allows her to do what she loves and play more,
    • Created greater balance between parenting, work, self-care and creativity,
    • And most rewarding to me, freed themselves to experience way more creativity, fulfillment and joy.

Gifts of Completion

My most recent Artist’s Way and Living Your Dreams classes both celebrated their graduations.
These graduations are so fun, moving and inspiring. The transformations, openings and blessings that the participants share never cease to astound me.

Students reported giving themselves the gifts of time, space and permission for painting, creating music, sculpting, dancing, writing poems, and pursuing their big, passionate, heart dreams, without pushing and driving themselves.

Students used the tools I teach to release old wounds, crippling self-doubt and self-criticism and limiting patterns. They found more harmony, ease, balance and peace in their lives.

I’ll share a few of their comments with you here:

Student Testimonials

“A door has opened for me to be in my studio working! There has been great progress in making painting a priority, making time in my schedule to make this happen. The work is going well, and there is a great sense of engagement and accomplishment, even doing simple studies, after years of avoidance.…I’m finally using my planning tools to further my heart’s desire.”

I am in a much more centered place in my current life than ever before. I’m so thankful for all the gains I’ve made and am feeling blessed for all the hard work and coming full circle within. I find that my heart is more at peace within than I thought possible. I have never felt more accepting of myself and relishing who I am—I love me, all of me.

Many of the students from these two classes have chosen to continue on with one-on-one Mentoring with me, so that they can get individual support, guidance and transformation to co-create the lives they dream.

If you are curious about how that kind of support could help you release blocks and truly live your dreams, first click here to find out more, then contact me for a free Discovery Session to explore if what I offer is right for you now. I have space in my schedule for a few more Mentoring students at this time. I invite you to seize that opportunity.

To your fruitful summer,

P.S. See below for the beautiful, simple Solstice practice you can do to magnetize more of what you love into your life.


Practice: A Little Solstice Love Letter

Write a letter to yourself to be opened on the winter solstice (or if you live where it’s winter right now, on the summer solstice).

In this letter, imagine all that you wish to see come to fruition by six months from now.

Dream big, even if you have no idea how or if it could come true. Put in all that you hope your future self will be celebrating then. Give this as a gift to your self.

You may also wish to include any words of encouragement or wisdom or love, anything you might need to hear six months from now.

Then, seal it in an envelope marked “Open on the Winter Solstice, 2017.”

And here’s the tricky part: Put it where you will find it six months from now. You could pin it to your Dream Board, if you have one, or put it in the top of your desk drawer.

The student who shared this with me said she was amazed at all that had come about just as she had written it since the last solstice. This is a powerful window of expansion. Give yourself the gift of the power of the solstice to add a little extra magic to your life now.

The Gift of Silence and Solitude

The Gift of Silence and Solitude

I recently gave myself a glorious, and much-needed, gift. I took a weekend away in a quiet place for a self-guided retreat. I left on Friday at noon, was home by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night, and in that short span of time my inner world shifted radically.

I had been writing in my journal and naming in my dreams for the year that I needed just such a weekend away by myself, and finally I really listened to myself, stopped postponing what my soul was needing, stopped making everything else a priority. As soon as I decided to honor this need and committed to taking a weekend away this month, everything fell miraculously easily into place.

I asked friends for suggestions of where to go, told them what I was looking for. What I wanted and needed most was time and solitude and silence. I didn’t want to be anywhere social, like the hot springs, where I might feel a need to interact with others. I didn’t want distractions of any kind. I didn’t want to have to drive far and thereby lose too much of the precious time to driving. And I didn’t want to have to plan for, shop for and prepare meals. I just wanted to be alone, in silence, in a beautiful place in nature, within 3 hours drive of home, where I could walk, read, write and meditate on my own schedule.

I quickly found the perfect place to go, a simple monastery two hours from my home. And in the way that the universe supports us in our heart’s dreams and soul’s needs, they synchronistically had a room for me just a couple weekends away, despite the fact that the website said they are often booked months in advance.

The place was so quiet, almost no people around, very lovely, and I was left entirely alone. I was in heaven. I spent long hours reading, took multiple walks a day, meditated and prayed, wrote repeatedly in my journal, read some more, napped, followed my own rhythms, listened to my heart and spirit, and spoke to no one until my final hours there.

Within an hour of being there, I found myself dropping easily into a very deep peace and calm joy, and that peace and joy never left me the entire time I was there. I felt profoundly connected to the Divine through the beauty of nature. I could hear my own heart and soul speaking to me, dwell in my own Essence.

In two days time I was deeply rested and restored to balance. Everything in my life has felt easier and more flowing since then. And I realize I need to do this at least twice a year.

I write this to encourage you to give yourself the gift of silence and solitude. We all need this regularly to be able to come into deep communion with ourselves, restore ourselves, restore balance in our lives.

man with journal-ben-whiteIf you feel you can’t take a weekend away, give yourself what I call a “down day.” Schedule a day on which you have no appointments, no obligations, no to-do list. Turn off your phone and computer completely for the day. Spend a day alone, simply listening to and following your own rhythms, needs, desires, doing what you want to do, not what you feel you should do, answering to no one else but yourself, letting go of everything that has been pressing on you for attention. Just be open, curious, and grant yourself total permission to do whatever you are drawn to, to rest as much as you need to, to follow your own needs and desires. Trust and allow.

Your heart and soul will thank you.

To your peace,

Max Signature no back

3 Mantras to Live By – part 3

Here is my third and final mantra to live by. If you missed Part 2, you can read it here.

Feel Your Feelings, But Don’t Get Lost In The Story:

Waterfall_123rfEmotions are the flow of life. When we let them flow, they naturally help us to heal and to navigate the changing tides of circumstance, and they bring a richness and aliveness to life.

Most of us are afraid of the intensity of our feelings. We think they will overwhelm us or hurt others. The truth is bottling them up does that. And exploding or dumping on others does that too. We have not learned to just be present with ourselves and our feelings, to welcome them and allow them to move by feeling them fully. Then they will naturally dissolve.

stuckoldman123rfThe trouble comes when we either express them in ways that are not beneficial to self and others or we suppress them, which causes all sorts of dis-ease. The real trouble comes because we believe the stories behind the feelings—stories of fear that aren’t real, for example, or of judgment of another person, or the story that says “I need this person, or I’ll die.” Most of us want to hang on to these stories as real and true, but they cause enormous suffering, and they don’t allow the feelings to flow.

Practice checking in with what you are feeling in the present moment. Get current with your feelings (not carrying an old story around of what you were feeling, even a moment ago) and be present with the feelings. Let yourself actually deeply feel what you are feeling here and now. Notice how it feels in your body, notice the thoughts and images that arise without believing them, and welcome it all, allow it. Feel it all the way through.

If the feeling is strong, it may help to find a healthy outlet for it—whether through art, dancing, running around the block or punching a pillow and screaming, shaking all over if you’re scared, or crying if you are sad. Often, just feeling it fully and breathing through it is enough. If you are a suppression type, try giving the feeling more expression of a healthy kind. Let it move, but don’t splatter it all over others.

stickingouttongues_LondonScoutYou will be surprised how fast the feelings shift and move, when given loving attention, and how healing and transforming the experience is. Also, how incredibly much more alive and free you feel.

The key here is don’t get lost in the story. Do not keep running the story of why you are mad or sad or scared or elated in your head. That will keep you stuck. Let go of the story and simply feel the body sensations of the emotion and breathe deeply; move and make sounds, if you are somewhere where you can. Stay current with the present moment. Keep checking, “What am I feeling now?” and let it flow.

If you would love to have clear, loving guidance and practical tools to bring these three core mantras alive in your life, check out my Artist’s Way class (starts Tuesday!) or my one-on-one Mentoring program.

To your flowing life,


A Deeper Acceptance

DissolvinginTruth_RogerBurkhardToday, as i sit with my candle, i bring my loving awareness to those places of low self-worth, of feeling undeserving and guilty, in me, and to the sadness, the unloved feeling that goes with them, feeling not good enough.

I know loving awareness is enough if i keep bringing it to bear on what i feel and think. Everything dissolves gradually of its own in the presence of Truth. So, it is a matter of remembering to bring awareness to what is occurring and not to believe the lies the thoughts tell or get lost in the feelings.

What is here to be felt needs to be felt and not pushed down or run from, but at the same time not to wallow in the feelings by replaying the stories i tell about them, but to let them flow as energies, weathers that want to move and shift, release and heal.

To be able to lead others to this freedom within, i have to find it myself.

There is a deeper acceptance i need—of all my selves, all my facets, of others, of the world as it is now—a deep embrace and acceptance. From there comes peace and any truly sane, helpful movement. There is still too much i reject in me, don’t like or want, and that creates a split, suffering, inner war, ineffectiveness, confusion.

How about just being exactly as i am, with my sadness, busy mind, confusion, and all the rest? To really embrace the shadows and thus find a greater compassion for—and ease with—self and others.

—Maxima Kahn


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